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TTV Fluval’s SLURAX Butterfly Valve is suitable for slurry’s and abrasive powders.

The Slurrax butterfly valve is designed for various low velocity slurry’s with a high SG value. The Slurrax is used on, powders, cements, coal wash plants, platinum plants, FeSi media and process plants offering a good resistance to erosion, abrasion, corrosion- all applications where media has solids in suspension which produce erosion or damage to the valves.

Parts - the valve liner is manufactured from polyurethane 80 shore A, and can support temperatures up to 90 deg c.

Valve disc has a protection layer of chrome or tungsten carbide on AISI 316 ss, with a superficial hardness of 950-1100hvn 300.

The liner is fully replaceable and inexpensive Sizes available 50mm-500mm diam.

Larger diameters are available on request